A2/A2 * Polled * 42

Limited Quantites available

Haven's Primo

Grass fed genetics! River X Babe. This little guy will sire small babies with colorful markings. Dam easily milks 6 gallons a day on pasture. She is one of those cows that I wish all my cows could keep condition like her. Sweet cow, nice size teats for handmilking. 

A2/A2 by parentage, polled pending...


Haven's Caesar Agustus

               "DC Orlando" (sire)


Haven's Lil Willey

AJCA Mid-size Jersey 43"@ hip

Haven's Fun Size O'Henry

42"@ hip. 

Dexter Corner lines. A1/A2 Polled

*Shipped Semen Available*

*Refrence Sires*

Bulls we have owned or used to breed our cows.

​"Joe" Iva Brody Joe

Spring 2014 herd bull. 42"@ 7 years age.

​Riverview Bobby X Riverview Annette A1/A2



41" * A2/A2 * Homozygous polled!

​Semen Available for shipment!

We select bulls for AI on a very strict standard. We have had several prospects over the years that have washed out for one reason or another. I feel if a bull is going to be siring a lot of calves he should have tried a true bloodlines. 

Health is one of the biggest factors, No genetic defects or conformation flaws. Above all we want a small healthy cow.  That will live a long healthy life.

Temperament is also very important. Nobody wants to milk a cow with a bad attitude. Our bulls have either proven pedigrees behind them or daughters and sons that show a consistent level headed temperament. All of our calves have been very sweet!! Good udder attachment and milk production. We milk all of our cows. We know what to expect from them. 

You can expect these things from our bulls that we sell semen from. 

Consistant low birth weights and good grass fed conversion are some of our main goals. These bulls will pass on those traits.  

These are bulls we have used in our breeding program and have been thrilled with the offspring. 

Star Haven Valentine *Gus*

A2/A2 Great downsizer SOLD OUT!

Jubilee X Junior both parents 41"

A2 pending


From 3 Registered Mini Jersey bulls

Haven's Gage The Journey "Gage"

River X Mimsy TINY bull A2/A2 Heterozygous polled, VERY blonde.

Excellent Udder Genetics, good hand milking teats, large orfice for fast milking, non fatty udder, good longevity. Docile sweet temperament. This guy is staying VERY small May end up Micro Mini. We have been Breeding Mini Jerseys for 10 years and I have been waiting for this bull to come along! We own 4 of his sisters numerous cousins and nieces and nephews. I love this line! he will shed out a very light blonde in the summer. Both parents are light colored. Dam was a light cream color.  

Just 31" at 12 months old!


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Micro Mini 36" * A2/A2 * Now Available!!


Fall 2014-2015 herd bull. 40"@ 21 months age.

Beretta (AJCA Jersey) X DC Orlando A1/A2 Polled

Up & coming bulls!


A2/A2 Small painted bull. Bloodlines, Sure Shot Ambassador, Sunshine Acres Integrity, and my favorite AJCA bull Forrest Glen Avery Action! This guy is going to sire some small cows who can milk!


AJCA Registered 

Sold out