Haven's Lucky Strike A2/A2 Mini Jersey bull $2000

Mini Jersey bull. "Gaston" is going to be small. He was born at 17" tall. His dam is our Haven's Mayday she is 42" tall. Sire is Gus ( www.minijerseydairy.com/gus.html ) Gaston is one of the very few bulls we have had out of Gus and is a very nicely put together guy. His dam has a beautiful udder with great attachment easy teats for hand milking, and a gentle temperament. His Grandam is here on our farm and still milking at 12 years old and going strong. Gaston is fully registerable and is a pretty blonde bull. He is A1/A2 and horned. Will be dehorned at buyers request.
He is currently 2 1/2 months old will be available at weaning. He is dam raised. Dam and grand dam are excellent grass fed milkers. Grandam peaked around 10 gallons a day on clover pasture. She has been an awesome cow. Dam is currently milking 5-6 gallons a day. Dam's sire is by IVA Brody Joe (Riverview bloodlines, http://www.minijerseydairy.com/-bulls-.html)
We have tons of family history, milk records, we are currently milking two of his aunts and his cousin, with other cousins coming up. This is one of the best lines on our farm for health, longevity, grass fed & production. This is a bull that we are very pleased to offer to someone as an excellent herd bull prospect. More pictures on my site http://www.minijerseydairy.com/-herd-.html Of his aunts and cousins that are milking. 
Pics 1 &2 are Gaston, 3 his dam, 4 his dams udder, 5 his 12 year old grand dam, 6 his materal aunt.
Delivery is available. Email Heathersgoldenlife@gmail.com

Dam of Lucky Strike

Haven's Gaston

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