Little George as a newborn!

The miracle of life. I managed to get a great video of one of our cows giving birth. Watch as Emily delivers her heifer calf. 

The LIVE Birth of a Mini Jersey Calf!

Cattle have many uses. They are great for milk and meat. But also serve well as oxen and are great for taking a ride around the farm. Click the pic for a video of Dolly learning to ride.

Jersey bulls are notoriously tempermental. Minis are not exception. Great care should always be taken when keeping a bull. Click the picture for a quick clip of our current herd sire "Stinger". 

*~Videos from the Farm~*

Mini Jerseys are much smaller then standard Jerseys. This is our Katydid. She was teeny tiny, just 19" at the hip at birth. Click the picture for a video of her playing with Spice, a standard Jersey heifer of the same age. Quite the size difference. 

Milking a Miniature Jersey cow. The number one argument I hear against minis, "they are so close to the ground, you have to lay down to milk them. While they are closer to the ground, it is not that bad. We machine milk our girls and have hand milked. The best advice I can give is to get a shorter stool or do what I did, have hubby cut the legs off so it is shorter. 

Click the picture for a video of hubby milking a untamed mini Jersey cow for the first time. This cow was tiny about 38" tall. And hubby is a big guy 6'4" and NOT a hand milker. He managed with out too much trouble.