Haven's Bye Felicia

Haven's Frito Lay


Haven's Lemon

​Haven's Barbie Feb 2016 


2015 Heifer, Iva Brody Joe X Belle

Haven's Little Cricket

Haven's Brandy Spot

Haven's Winter Flower

A1/A2 * Milking 4 gal/day * Horned

Haven's Ness

Midsize Jersey

Haven's Roseanne
Star Haven Valentines Gus X Haven's Reba

A2 /A2, Horned


A2/A2 * Milking 4 gal/day * Horned

Haven's Venus In Blue Jeans

Haven's Blue Bell

Star Haven Valentine Gus  X Haven's Bonnie Blue

Haven's Mayday

Iva Brody Joe X Haven's the Last Mimsy

42" @ hip

Haven's Sinclaire X Star Haven Valentine Gus


Haven's The Charmed One

Haven's Lucky X BCC Stinger



Haven's Mi Lil Love

Haven's Baby Doll



Haven's Nutella

Haven's Frito X Star Haven Valentine Gus



Jersey Mid-Size heifer.  44" at hip

Calved 19" tall spotted bull calf! 2016 A1/A2


Jersey Knoll Bella X Haven's Walt Disney World  

Born Nov. 20,2015

​ Polled

Haven's Marilyn Monroe

*Miniature Jerseys*


Very small Jersey 

Currently milking 5 gallons/day



Mid-size Jersey cow 46".

Milking 4-5 gallons day

"Haven's the last Mimsy"


AJCA Reg. Midsize Jersey

Milking 8 gallons/day.

Haven's Bonnie Blue


"Sera" Haven's Sweet Serendipity.

Mimsy X Haven's Lil Willey

"Haven's Sweet Corazone"

1/2 Mini Jersey (100% Jersey),48"

Peak production 5 gallons/day

Mimsy x Pee Wee (Riverview BobbyXRiverview Posie)

"Haven's Lil Katydid

"Jersey Knoll Bella"

3/4 Mini Jersey (100% Jersey). 

Double Muifordia's Gamboge bred.


41.5" Milking 7 gallons/day A1/A1 Horned

Pictured at 10 yrs.

Haven's Mirror Image

Haven's Rose Bud "Rosey"

Reba X Haven's Walt Disney world


Haven's Emerald "Emma"

Haven's Emily x Bcc Stinger


Haven's Barbie

46" Mid size Jersey, 5 years old


A1/A2 * Milked 10 gallons day * 46" *Horned

*Still milking at 12 years of age*

Haven's Moana


Haven's Spring

AJCA Midsize Jeresey 

Haven's Gaston

Star Haven Valentines Gus X Haven's Mayday



Haven's Kara 

Rachel X BCC Stinger