Amore X Mitch

Gypsy Mountain Virginia

"Haven's Sweet Corazone"

Haven's Magnolia

A1/A2 * Milking 4 gal/day * Horned

Haven's Frida

Haven's Amore'

Haven's Juniper Rain

*Miniature Jerseys*


Very small Jersey 

Currently milking 5 gallons/day


"Haven's Fern"

Haven's Eden

Peak production 8 gallons/day

Mimsy x Pee Wee (Riverview BobbyXRiverview Posie)


"Haven's Lil Katydid

41.5" Milking A1/A1 Horned

Pictured at 10 yrs.


Iva Brody Joe X Haven's the Last Mimsy


 Haven's Walt Disney world X Reba

A1/A2 Hetero Polled 42"

"Haven's Roseanne"


Sure shot Southern Comfort X Gypsy mountain


Ranchito Garcia Molly

Haven's Mia

Haven's Roseanne
Star Haven Valentines Gus X Haven's Red 37"

"Haven's Olive"


Haven's Baby Doll (retired)

Haven's Mirror Image

Sired by Missouri Sunrise Orion

A1/A2 Polled

36" Mini Jersey A2/A2


Born on valentines day!

Cora X Emil of Misty Morning Farm

Haven's Mayday

A2/A2 Hetero Polled

Emil of Misty Morning x Haven's Fiona

Haven's Baby Doll X Emil Of Misty Morning Farm

A1/A2 Hetero polled